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The Zorroz Story

ARIZONA is our base of operation. ‘Spicy-Hot’ Southwestern foods and condiments are our foundation for building one of the fastest growing, widely sought after lines of Fiery Flavored, Specialty Food products across the country.

Narrowly marketed in the Phoenix area for years, FRANCISCO'S HOT SALSA was the patriarch of our fine line of gourmet, specialty ‘Spicy-Hot’ foods. FRANCISCO'S has now chosen to continue producing and offering only the more popular ‘Spicy-Hot’ line of products for the aficionado & connoisseur under our new ‘ZorroZ Brand’ label.

ZorroZ Brand’  Hot Salsa, Taco Sauce and Enchilada Sauce are created from a base of premium quality tomatoes, various varieties of fresh  and dried chili peppers, our own unique, proprietary dry spice blends, along with vinegars and citrus juices that enhance the flavor and tastes of our specialty foods creations.

buy zorroz spicy bloody mary mixFRANCISCO'S has chosen for its first new product presented to its Southwestern flavor lovers. . . ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix.

The formulation for ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix began as a family recipe in the mid 1980's and has evolved to what it is today through constant input from those who love its flavor and gave input for us to use for formulation changes and improvement.

By producing only small batches of our products, we are able to maintain the flavor, consistency and overall quality taken for granted by those who have become our most loyal and satisfied consumers. We do not add any preservatives so if you can resist emptying the container, some of our products should be refrigerated after opening.

Made to be shared with friends and family, ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix raises the bar of Bloody Mary excellence through its premium quality and unique, unforgettable Southwestern essence and flavor.

The processing, packaging and shipping are done with meticulous care, guaranteeing a product sure to be as shown on our label . . . "THE CURE FOR CONNOISSEUR CRAVINGS".

FRANCISCO'S plans to introduce ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix to the world over the Internet and make it available through "Hot Foods" Distributors, Gourmet and Specialty Food Shops, Grocery Markets, Liquor Stores, Hotels and Neighborhood Bar’s, Grills and Restaurants throughout the US and Canada.

We hope all who try our ‘Zorroz Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix find it to be a pleasant experience and leads you to go out and purchase some ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix to savor and share with your friends and family.

Try our ‘ZorroZ Brand’ Bloody Mary Mix, and then let us know about your experience.  

© Zorroz Brand